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K9 AKA The Watchdog

The Krav9 program is based on the CT707 system developed by Nir Maman. With a Military background Krav9 Combatives head instructor Alvin Gough continues to build upon his ongoing personal and professional development as a Krav Maga instructor and practitioner.



1 Dan Black Belt  and Instructor with the Federation of Israeli Martial Arts

Level 1 Law Enforcement Krav Maga CT707 System

Treat Survival Instructor (CT707 KM/JKDU) . 

Level 1 Kickboxing Instructor Trainer, Fitness Kickboxing Canada

MMA Bootcamp instructor, Fitness Kickboxing Canada

Use of Force Instructor

Executive Protection Instructor


Developing Instructor:

Battlefield Kali JKDU



Services range from private sessions, workshops, seminars, corporate, team building, bootcamps to curriculum based Self defense programs, designed for men and women of all ages.


Learn more about Imi Lichtenfeld and the development of Krav Maga click below

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